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The BCS Exam for Beginners

If you've ever wondered how you can join the government and make a difference as an insider, this post is ...

Lead Acid Battery Charger Circuit Diagram and Its Working.

Batteries are maintained floating on the line in various installations and are connected in such a way that they are ...
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Battery Capacity Testing.

To acquire a realistic image of battery size, both industry and government organizations have set the following criteria. Ampere-hour Capacity: ...
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Understanding Battery Capacity.

The product of current in amperes and the period in hours that the cell can supply current until its e.m.f ...
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Ah efficiency and Wh efficiency.

This article will explain how to determine the Ah efficiency and Wh efficiency of a battery. In a nutshell, Ah ...
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Charging and Discharging of Lead Acid Battery.

DISCHARGING: Discharging of Lead Acid Battery. The positive plate, or anode, of a fully charged cell, is PbO2, whereas the ...
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Which are the active materials of a Lead-acid Cell?

The active materials in a lead-acid battery are the chemicals in the cell that are actively involved in chemical reactions ...
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Different Parts of a Lead-acid Battery

Positive and negative plates, separators, and electrolytes make up each cell of a lead-acid battery, which are all stored in ...
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What is a vehicle traction battery?

The widespread worry about the quantities of hazardous gases released by internal combustion engines (especially in metropolitan areas) has reignited ...
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What is an SLI battery?

What Exactly Is An SLI Battery And How Does It Work? In this post, we will learn about SLI batteries ...
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Applications of secondary batteries.

Batteries are energy storage devices. There are two types of batteries mainly. The primary and the secondary battery. Their working ...
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Difference between Primary and Secondary Batteries

Difference between Primary and Secondary Batteries

Definition: A battery is an electric power source made up of one or more electrochemical cells with connections on the ...
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