Gradually we will be uploading contents required to design by your self.

  1. Solar electric system
  1. Solar PV module
  2. Mechanical support structure
  3. DC-AC inverter & DC optimizers  
  1. Economic aspects 
  1. Raking 
  2. Footer & Rails 
  3. Installing modules 
  1. Electrical installation steps 
  2. Electrical running conduit
  3. Electrical component connection 
  4. Switching your PV system on
  1. Fundamentals of off-grid PV system
  2. Battery basics 
  3. Example of off-grid PV system
  1. Guidelines for PV safety
  2. Procedures for shutdown and startup
  3. Maintenance and troubleshooting
solar inverter string design

Solar inverter string Design Calculations

In this in-depth post, you will learn how to design, calculate, and size a 4.5 KW grid-tied solar PV system ...
PV system designer

How to use PVWatts to figure out your PV system size

Take a moment to visit the PVWatts calculator online for fun. Click "Go" after entering your city and state. Choose ...
How to determine your home's annual average energy use while designing a PV system.

How to determine your home’s annual average energy use while designing a PV system. 

What is Electrical load? Any electrical device people desire to utilize in their homes or offices is referred to as ...
PV system designer

PV system design

It's time to start the PV system design process seriously now that you are aware of the basics of a ...
PV system designer

Basics of PV circuits

A PV system designer must know A few electrical concepts, like series and parallel wiring, a set of electrical circuit ...
PV system designer

PV system designer: Intro

Strategies for designing PV systems step by step are presented solely on a single page. Limiting your selection of hardware ...
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