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Personal Tax Return Form - IT-11GA 2023 Personal Tax Return Form (SRO 266) - IT-11GA 2023

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Instructions to fill up the Return Form

(1)   This Return of Income shall be Signed and Verified by the Taxpayer or his Authorized Representative as prescribed in the Income Tax Act, 2023.

(2)     Enclose where applicable:

  • Salary statement for salary; Bank statement for interest; Certificate for interest on savings instruments; Rent agreement, receipts of municipal tax & land revenue, statement of house property loan interest, insurance premium for house property income; Statement of Professional income as per IT Rule-8; Copy of assessment/ income statement & balance sheet for partnership income; Documents of capital gain; Dividend warrant for dividend income; Statement of other income; Documents in support of investments in savings certificates, LIP, DPS, Zakat, stock/share etc.
  • Depreciation Chart claiming depreciation as per the Income Tax Act, 2023;

(c)  Computation of Income according to the Income Tax Act, 2023.


(3)     Enclose Separate Statement for:

  • any income of the spouse of the Taxpayer (if she/he is not an Taxpayer), minor children and dependent;
  • Tax exempted / Tax free Income.
  • Income Exempted from Tax declared under Part 1 of the Sixth Schedule of the Income Tax Act, 2023.


(4)  Documents furnished to support the declaration should be signed by the Taxpayer or his/her authorized representative.

(5)   Furnish the following information:

  • Name, address & TIN of the partners if the Taxpayer is a firm;
  • Name of firm, address & TIN if the Taxpayer is a partner;
  • Name of the company, address & TIN if the Taxpayer is a director.


(6) Assets and liabilities of self, spouse (if she/he is not a Taxpayer), minor children and dependant(s) to be shown in the IT-10B (2023).


(7) Signature is mandatory for all Taxpayer or his / her authorized representative.


(8) For Individual Person, signature is also mandatory in IT-10B (2023) & IT-10BB (2023).


(9) If needed, please use separate sheet.

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