Does the moon have an owner?

Does the moon have an owner? Can you buy land on the Moon?

Isn’t that a surprising question? If a country conquered during the colonial period and flew the flag there, the ownership of the country would become theirs. We know that on July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong landed on the surface of the moon and flew the United States flag. Like the colonial era, will the moon be owned by America? No, that’s not the case. Because in 1967, the United States signed an agreement called the “United Nations Outer Space Treaty”. The treaty explicitly states that no country can claim sovereignty over the moon or any cosmic object. They have no specific ownership. Everyone owns these. All countries that travel in space then signed the agreement. As of 2014, 102 countries have signed the agreement. Through the various news media, we can occasionally see that land is being sold on the moon or Mars. Many have become rich overnight by selling this land. They say the UN treaty abolishes ownership of any country but does not deny ownership of any person or organization. So they are selling land there and some fancy people are buying land there too. So they are selling the land there and some fancy people are buying the land there and getting the deed of ownership of the land. It is necessary to check whether there is any legal basis for these land deeds.

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