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Does the moon have an owner?

Does the moon have an owner? Can you buy land on the Moon?

Isn’t that a surprising question? If a country conquered during the colonial period and flew the flag there, the ownership …
An overview of Tell Me Lies

An overview of “Tell Me Lies” 

If you’re anything like us, you’ve been impatiently waiting since the publication of Carola Lovering’s seductive, twisted coming-of-age novel “Tell …
World Environment Day – June 5, 2023

World Environment Day – June 5, 2023

We are all urged to preserve our natural surroundings on World Environment Day. The amazing details? An estimated 7 million …
Ukraine's History in Summary

Ukraine’s History in Summary

A timeline of Ukrainian history: Ukraine was the center of the first eastern Slavic kingdom, Kyivan Rus, which was Europe’s …
What to eat during winter Your essential diet for the season

What to eat during winter: Your essential diet for the season

How to control diet in winter? well. During the winter, we notice a significant shift in our eating preferences, metabolism, …

Lead Acid Battery Charger Circuit Diagram and Its Working.

Batteries are maintained floating on the line in various installations and are connected in such a way that they are …

Understanding Battery Capacity.

The product of current in amperes and the period in hours that the cell can supply current until its e.m.f …

Battery Capacity Testing.

To acquire a realistic image of battery size, both industry and government organizations have set the following criteria. Ampere-hour Capacity: …

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